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A Taste of My Approach to Health Coaching

berries I'm going to jump right in here. Be honest. Of all the varied emotions you experience in a given day or week, which is the one that feels the best? As in, which one, if you could flip a switch and turn it on, would you choose? Anger? Sadness? Fear? Of course not! It's happiness, right? Maybe you'd call it joy. Or peace.

And why is it that most of us have this preferred emotional state? Well, the way I see it, when you are genuinely happy/joyful/peaceful, it actually feels good in your body. And, it opens you up to all the love that's actually always around you. And then it radiates from you, attracting people and life circumstances that serve and support your continued happiness.

I know you know this already. And you've probably read books, attended workshops and talked for countless hours with others about all the barriers that separate you from true happiness. Consider that knowing something is not all that valuable.

MatthewWhat if instead of having to always look outside for happiness, you had access to wisdom from within? What if you knew, and I mean really knew in your bones, that there was nowhere to get to and nothing you needed to do to be happy? What would that kind of happiness look like in your life? What would you then go on to create around you?

I invite you on a journey in to You. Not the you that generates the self-talk that disempowers and diminishes. The You that already knows everything that needs to happen in order for your days and months and years to unfold and evolve with grace and excitement.

I offer this to you why? Because it feels good in my body and brings me joy to share it! :)