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A Taste of My Approach to Embodied Wisdom

SRIIf you're looking for a deeper way to empower yourself and leverage the challenges that life provides AND you've already done the courses and read the books, you're in the right place. There is a set of tools which is self-applied and requires nothing but your full focused attention and a willingness to expand your awareness. Somato Respiratory Integration enables you to combine the refined knowledge you've cultivated in your mind with the wisdom of your body, emotions and soul. By paying attention to your breath, noticing the way your body moves and sensitizing yourself to the energy that's always available to you, you can not only find but truly experience a deeper knowing of yourself and capacity to thrive.

We'll combine this hands on practice with conversations that will guide you toward the thoughts, feelings, behaviors and results you want to experience or have more of. When you are equipped with this information and guidance from an external coach AND the wisdom and clarity that can only come from within, you are set up for living a life that defies what you've previously known is possible. I invite you on this journey inward!

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