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Hungry For Change? - Find Out How To Unlock Your Inner Change Agent


Join Matthew Anello, globally renowned wellness educator, for this unique multi-day, multi-modal experience.

Walk Away With:

  • An “Aha!” about what’s actually happening when it seems nothing is working in a particular area of life.

  • A simple tool that will allow you to “take apart” any situation in life and shift the way you approach it in less than 15 minutes.

  • A method you can begin practicing immediately!

This Powerful Mini-Course is Designed to Deliver a Tangible Result in Your Life.

You'll receive 6 hours of information, support and real-time coaching:

Is there an area of your life that has been stuck for far toooo long?

This course is designed specifically to introduce you (and have you begin utilizing) a powerful, practical tool called the Triad of Change. The Triad is part of a suite of "Reorganizational Living" tools created by Dr. Donald Epstein who is also the founder of NSATM & SRITM.

One the first evening at Inner Sage, you will be introduced to this simple yet profound approach to living, it's major components, and begin to put together your own personal Triad equation. You'll leave this first evening with a tool that you put to use immediately in your life in an area that's been resistant to your attempts at changing it.

On the first tele-conference call (recorded for your convenience, in case the time does not work), you'll have the opportunity to call in and spend an hour with Matthew, asking questions, getting answers and being inspired by how other people are implementing the Triad. As a group, you'll also learn from any roadblocks that have been distinguished by you or others and develop a new level of clarity with how to implement the concepts in real-time.

On the second evening, we'll come together again at Inner Sage, to take things to the next level. On this evening, you'll choose an area of life that you want to experience a fundamental shift in over the proceeding two weeks. You will learn some additional details about the tool and some finer points on how to use it and what to do when you get stuck. You will leave that evening having a clear idea of your personal recipe for change and a target for where to begin putting it to use.

Finally, on the second tele-conference, you'll have an additional opportunity to ask questions, come to conclusions and listen and speak with others on this journey toward profound self discovery. There will also be a fair bit of celebrating of victories! This second call is purposefully scheduled some days after the second workshop day in order to allow for life to occur and changes to occur in your reality (as a result of appying your Triad awareness).


Full Course:
Save $25 - $65 if you register by May 21st ($90 after May 21st)

Tuesday Evening Session and Wednesday Teleconference Call Only:
Save $20 - $40 if you register by May 21st ($60 after May 21st)

Thursday Evening Session and June 15th Teleconference Call Only:
**You must have attended a Triad Workshop in the past to attend this portion only**
Save $15 - $25 if you register by May 21st ($40 after May 21st)

Register at 585.383.8833 or Cash or check made out to Inner Sage Healing Arts Center.