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Matthew A Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) practitioner for nearly 8 years, I partner with Network Spinal Analysis practitioners to serve their practice members in wellness offices around the world. I also offer one day Re-Organizational Living workshops in multiple locations in North America and Europe. Having joined the staff of Wise World Seminars in 2008, I deliver SRI at large-scale wellness events in Italy and the United States. And, I provide private, customized sessions at your home or mine.

"Having known the fantastic work that Matt Anello does at International Programs such as EuroGates, A.W.E.'s and several others, we decided to invite him to share his deep knowledge of SRI stages with two groups of practice members on two different occasions.

The two programs went really well.  Everybody followed, without distractions, mainly because Matt is able to interest people and get their attention. He is patient and knows how to support those who wants to "escape" or who are in suffering or experiencing emotions that have not been "digested" yet.

Matt is very organized in his workshops; the material he presents is clear and easy.  He is deeply prepared, not only because he loves studying, but because he experiences SRI inside him. 

Matt has followed Donny Epstein for so many years.  He goes to programs of SRI and NSA and integrates the two disciplines so well, it makes him an expert in what he's doing. And, he has a big, generous heart.  

Just to tell you our 3 kids say of Matt: 'He calms the air around him'.  This means a lot; he's in his heart before his head and knowledge.

We would suggest that anyone go to a program with Matt and DCs should consider inviting him for workshops because it is fun and easy to do SRI with him. 

- Christian Hubschmid DC & Stefania Capitanio DC