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SRI for the NSA Office


Serving You

One of the fundamental reasons why I’m an SRI Facilitator and Wellness Educator is having the privilege of making a measurable difference in the lives of the individuals I serve.  Inside of that context, as an NSA practitioner, you are a particular kind of individual that I have the privilege to serve…one who makes a difference in the lives of many other individuals every time you step foot in your office.  I have a special intention to serve you in experiencing both the depth and the vastness of who you are.  Working with you, utilizing your Triad and your Primary Order, I’m committed to assisting you to operate at peak level, providing the biggest possible space for your practice members to thrive.  As you connect more deeply in each of the 12 Stages, the space opens up for your practice members to go there.

Serving Your Practice Members

There are so many access points to strengthening your practice members’ experience of the difference that our (NSA/SRI) care makes in their lives.  I see SRI as a tool which encourages practice members to be present to just how much they are shifting and growing.  It addresses the perception portion of the triad, often providing that missing link that can take them from steadily progressing through a particular level of care to a quantum leap in sustained re-organizational living in a higher level of care.

Serving Your Practice

I’m committed to significantly expanding the global expression of SRI. I’m also particularly interested in developing a culture of SRI in every practice I operate in. I operate from the premise that practice members that are attuned to their progress via SRI are able to more effectively share the benefits of Re-Organizational Living with their loved ones and refer more people to your practice. They also become practice "leaders", cheering on others and being an example of the greatest potential of this work.

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